Zealchain aims to be a medium through which individuals and businesses from marginalized communities can generate and share wealth, with an easily explorable directory (ZNET), and a currency to call our own.


Zealchain was founded in February 2020 by Mike Johnson Jr. Zeal is a fork of Litecoin, which uses the Scrypt algortihm. ZNET is based on one of Mike Johnson Jr's previously abandoned projects called bosnet (also an alternate DNS root), repurposed for ZNET. Zealchain is built in Python and Django, PostgreSQL, PHP, Node.js, and vanilla Javascript (as well as HTML and CSS).

The Premine for Zeal was 200k. Max money is 7 billion.

Rules for ZNET

No porn or gore or anything illegal. No hate speech. No spreading malware. If you violate these rules, your site will be unregistered and you will be banned.

We include all sites in our searchable directory to crack down on cybercrime.


There is a one month grace period for expired ZNET domains. You have one month to pay for one or more years to keep your domain before your domain is unregistered.

Buying Zeal

You can buy zeal at altmarkets.io. You can also mine Zeal with your wallet or other software if you wish.

There are no refunds for domain name purchases. If you've sent to much or too little, reach out to us in our Freenode channel to get your money back. If you would like to delete a domain name, you'd have to, again, reach out to us in our Freenode channel.