Setting up your new domain name on cPanel (shared IP)

  1. Copy your current website's directory to the root folder with the folder containing your copied site being named www.yourdomain.yourtld (replace `yourdomain` with your domain name's second level domain, and replace `yourtld` with your domain name's top-level domain (e.g. .o, .e, .zeal, etc.)). Technically you can copy your site anywhere and give your folder any name, as long as you use that for the next step, but we are using what we are using for simplicity.
  2. Go to `Addon Domains` in your cPanel dashboard. Add the following: New Domain Name -> yourdomain.yourtld, Subdomain -> yourtld, Document Root -> www.yourdomain.yourtld.

Setting up your new domain name at DigitalOcean

Change your Zealchain NS Records to ns1.digitalocean.com, ns2.digitalocean, and ns3.digitalocean.com for your domain name. At DigitalOcean, add an A record that points to your droplet's IP.

How to mine ZEAL

Open the Zeal Wallet, click on the Help tab, then click Debug window, then, in the debug window, type `setgenerate true`. After that, you computer's CPU eill be used to mine ZEAL.

How to buy ZEAL

You can buy zeal at altmarkets.io.

Known issues

Setting up a ZNET domain for an app that is hosted at heroku is impossible at the moment (that is why zealchain.com does not have a ZNET domain; it is hosted at heroku. However, Zealchain's block explorer is on ZNET (http://blocks.zeal), as it is hosted on digitalocean.

Only http:// works, not https://, for ZNET domain names. We are looking for a fix.